Have you noticed that everyone is telling you to use video on your web site?  These days a compelling video is one of the best tools you have to advertise your product or service. But the key word is compelling. So, that means you need to avoid common mistakes that will leave you looking like an amateur!

McKenzie Underwood, Director of Happiness, on set at FITCO.

One of the best ways to showcase your product or service on your website is with a video starring you as the presenter! It’s a great way for the public to meet you and feel they’re connecting with someone genuine instead of a trained performer. Plus, who knows more about your product or service than YOU? But it’s all too easy to sabotage your efforts! Here are four simple video mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t read like a robot. Make it conversational. Keep your sentences on the short side. Use the proper emphasis. It’s easier when your copy is clean and clear… like the sentences you’re reading now!
  • Identify with your target audience. If you’re seeking new customers, avoid four-letter words known only to insiders in your industry. Your intent is not to confuse your audience, but to create a desire for your services with a welcoming and appealing message. If you try too hard to impress, you may turn your visitors into no-shows.
  • Don’t use words or phrases you wouldn’t use in person. You must feel comfortable with yourself before your viewers can feel comfortable with you. They can sense when you’re trying to play a role on camera that doesn’t line up with the person you really are.
  • Don’t let a talking head (you) do all the talking. Mix it up a little! Unless you look like George Clooney or Anne Hathaway, insert a few images, charts, or billboard copy into your production. It doesn’t have to be a lot. In fact, one or two effective charts can be much more memorable than a series of bells and whistles and flashy graphics.

We can help you avoid these mistakes and create an effective video with just the right combination of elements! You might even find that you enjoy your role in the process! We’ll discuss some other common video missteps in our next edition!

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