Amped Up Experience

The Amped Up Experience will provide you with solid strategies that you can implement immediately to help grow your business by 20% or more.

This is my intensive, one-on-one, one day workshop for businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and entertainment professionals that want to get laser focused and crystal clear about their business, digital media content, goals, and objectives. It’s for those folks that want to quickly hit the ground running and never look back.

I hold the “Amped Up Experience” workshop in a location close to you, or if you need a break, at a very special location in St. Louis. We will dig deep into your business including goals, products, services, and marketing. We will look at all of your existing content and media channels to make sure everything is in sync. Then you and I will lay out a road map and implementation plan for future business growth through highly creative marketing ideas, digital product development, content creation, social media campaigns, price adjustments, and anything else that surfaced during our work together.

The Amped Up Experience is very exclusive, and only for those professionals that are committed to taking their business and content to amazing levels. Spaces are limited, so sign up now to secure your spot in line.

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Amped Up Experience Reviews

Take a look at what workshop attendees have to say about their experience.

“I can’t say enough about the Amped Up Experience!”

“I have a lot of moving parts to my media efforts. All are important but I could not get things orchestrated where I had maximum benefit from my efforts. There are great products and definitely things we wanted to accomplish-but we never had a plan. Taking the time to make a plan with Kelly from Amped Up Digital has saved me an incredible amount of money, time, and headache. There is finally a plan in place and we are executing. The best way I can say it is that we would not build a house without a blueprint. We needed a blueprint for our digital planning. Plain and Simple. Wish I would have done this years earlier!”
– Kristen Tews, Personal Best Radio

“Wow! Amazing!”

“I spent a day with Kelly assessing my business from top to bottom. Because of Kelly’s digital and business expertise he was able to immediately identify a number of quick hits that will help me to move my business forward exponentially. He also identified long term opportunities that would facilitate the growth of my business.

Kelly showed me how to produce a number of products from my speaking that I had not considered. When I balance the ideas that he shared for increasing my business revenue against the cost of his session I know the return on my investment in myself is well worth it and minimal in the long run.

The process that Kelly took me through was thorough and efficient. I particularly liked that his process allowed him to focus all of his attention on me and my business. The session was very interactive; I could ask any question that I wanted and got the answer immediately.

Kelly audio recorded the entire session; this allowed him to review everything that we had discussed. Two days after our session concluded he provided me with the audio recording of our meeting and a written document that provided a personalized action plan for me. He provided tangible recommendations that I can put into action immediately to grow my business.
I highly recommend Kelly for any business that wants to excel and become “Best in Class” in their relevant market.”
– Sherman L. Whitfield, CEO Whitfield Motivational Speaking

“Getting “Amped Up” Results!”

“When you work with Kelly Ross Kerr, you get purposeful planning with positive, sustainable results. During my “Amped-Up Experience” meeting with Kelly, I was looking for guidance on building my digital footprint and increasing the products and resources I offer clients. I got so much more. Kelly helped me gain a more clear and concise focus on the target audience/range I want to work with and kept our discussion moving in that direction. He was diligent and reviewed what I’ve been doing, what has worked and what hasn’t, then moved directly to the steps that will build visibility for my content and products. The Amped Up Digital process has a goal of building success for their clients, using a practical system with consistent implementation. I recommend you make the decision to work with Kelly Ross Kerr, founder of Amped Up Digital, and you will succeed!”
– Bonnie F. Mattick, MAEd., MBA Founder – Unforgettable Outcomes Intl,