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What’s Your Why?

Any business coach will tell you that in order for your business to succeed, your “why” must be strong enough to get you out of bed on the bad days. That holds true for every aspect of your business, including your digital strategy.

In case you are not familiar with the concept of “your why”, […]

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Automating Your Tasks with IFTTT

I love when I find a new product or service that can make life easier. Especially when it comes to automating tasks that I do regularly either for clients or myself. It always amazes me how much time you can save, just from putting a few little tasks on autopilot.

Enter If This Then That (IFTTT […]

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3 Ways to Add Digital Products to Your Revenue Stream

We all have ideas and knowledge that other people can use and are willing to pay for. So here are three ideas that can help you better serve your customers and fans while adding a little extra to your bottom line.

1) Paid membership areas on your website with custom content or podcasts: This idea […]

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4 Things to Keep In Mind When Posting to Your Social Media Channels

Even though “social media” has been around for a few years now, folks are still making simple mistakes that can be turning fans away, instead of bringing them into the fold. Here are three simple things to think about when posting for your organization, company, band, etc.

Cross Promote Your Posts: Are your posts showing […]

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Simple Video Mistakes to Avoid: Part 2

If you’re not using video these days on your website to captivate and motivate visitors, you’re missing out. More and more, visitors with diminishing attention spans are demanding video to avoid reading lines of boring-looking copy. You can add plenty of value if you present your product or service on camera yourself. But that […]

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4 Simple Video Mistakes to Avoid

Have you noticed that everyone is telling you to use video on your web site?  These days a compelling video is one of the best tools you have to advertise your product or service. But the key word is compelling. So, that means you need to avoid common mistakes that will leave you looking […]

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Happy Halloween from Amped Up Digital!

With Halloween Week upon us, I thought I would pull out an “oldie but goodie” from the Amped Up past to help get you in the mood for All Hallows Eve.
Click on the “talking board” below, and you will be taken to a marketing piece that I did a few years back to promote […]

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Things to Remember: Your Website

Our friends over at Pravda Records sent us a great article from The Daily Rind Blog that reminds us not to neglect our websites when focusing on the myriad of other social and digital media channels that we are trying to deliver content to.

Forgotten Truck by arbyreed | Attribution License

Here are their key points, […]

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Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your Content?

I have had two separate conversations about this topic today, so I figured I would pass the info along, and hope that it would serve as a reminder for some of you. (You know who you are…call me!)
I have several friends that believe that every person has a “book inside of them”. Meaning that […]

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Disrupting the way music finds the Next Big Sound

By Peter Arndt – Amped Up Digital Guest Blogger
*This week we are focusing on our friends in the music industry. Even if you are not in “the industry” give this article a read anyway. There are some great music discovery tools mentioned, as well as thoughts about tracking data that could apply to your […]

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