4 Reasons You Need To “Rent” A Digital CMO

Most small to medium sized businesses spend a great deal of their time working to bring in new sales.  We all know that without sales a business will shrivel up and fade away.  The same holds true for digital marketing.When I talk to my clients and prospects about their business they often […]

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Run away…run far, far, away!

I had an interesting conversation at a networking event recently with a self proclaimed “Social Media Guru”, it went something like this:HIM: Hey! I help people with their social media stuff, I can totally set up your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN pages for you.  What do you do?ME: I own a digital media agency.  […]

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Square Gets a Boost in Confidence From Visa

If you have been following my blog for a few months, you will remember that I wrote a short posting about using Square, a startup that makes a tiny credit card swiping device for smartphones and the iPad, for credit card processing in your business. Well one of the big boys in the […]

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Nostalgia: The New Golden Nugget of Social Media

By guest blogger Genae GirardMichael owns a bakery that has recently started using social media. He decided to get on board and try to build his following through Facebook and Twitter, yet consumers that “Like” his Facebook page keep dropping off. He has been posting facts about his business including specials and new products […]

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Gather Here: Small Business Social Media Done Right

A friend of mine, Virginia Johnson, has created a rather interesting small business in Cambridge/Boston, a “stitch lounge” called Gather Here.  (www.gatherhereonline.com)  Gather Here Stitch Lounge is a “fabric, yarn, and fibers store offering classes, an inspirational work space, and knowledgeable instructors. We aim to provide a creative, fun, inspiring environment […]

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LinkedIN Tips and Tweaks

When it comes to social networking, LinkedIN.com is the King.  But just being a member of his Court doesn’t make you stand out above the crowd.  Here are my top five tips to help you move to the top of the pile.1) 100% Complete.  That is what you want to see to the right […]

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Employee Comments on Facebook "Protected Speech"

DawnMarie Souza was fired several months ago from her job with a Connecticut ambulance company because she posted derogatory comments about her employers, and engaged in messages with other co-workers which also disparaged the company. Her dismissal caused a firestorm of discussions both for and against Ms. Souza and her previous employers.On February […]

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UFC and Facebook are trying to change broadcasting.

Dana White and the UFC have always embraced social media channels as a way of connecting deeper with their audience. With their Facebook fans growing to over 4.6 Million, and Dana White’s twitter following over 1 million strong, I would say that their strategy is working.Last Saturday, February 5, 2011, the UFC apparently […]

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Take payments on your Android, iPhone, or iPad!

Ever want to take credit card payments from your clients? If so, take a look at the Square. (https://squareup.com/)Taken straight from the Square site: “Square is a revolutionary service that enables anyone to accept credit cards anywhere. Square offers an easy to use, free credit card reader that plugs into a phone or […]

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In the world of Facebook, do we still need a web site?

I have been asked this question a million times, and I am sure a million times more are coming.  But my clients and others want to know, “Since we have a Facebook page, do we still need our web site?”  In a word, ABSOLUTELY!Here are my top five reasons why:Five years ago we didn’t […]

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