Video Scribing – A New Way To Tell Your Story

I am going to guess that you have probably never heard of “Video Scribing”. Or, like me, maybe you have seen it but didn’t know what it was actually called.Video Scribing is the process of drawing out your story on a white board and shooting video of the process. Then editing that […]

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Check Your Toolbox…You Might Be Surprised By What You Find

Hey gang, this is just a quick posting inspired by a new client fact finding discussion. My new client is very interested in ramping up their use of social media tools to drive new patients to their practice. They have gotten a good start by dabbling with a Facebook page as well […]

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'Tis the Season for Holiday SPAM! aka Your Holiday Card

If you are like me, it is about this time of year that you start getting holiday greetings via email. Some are graphically rich emails with the message included in the body, and others are emails with links that direct you out to a web site where the holiday greeting lives for all […]

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"I Just Don't Get Social Media Networking! What Is The Point?"

I hear that statement and question all the time.  Along with: “Why do people care what someone is doing every second of the day?” or “My business has nothing to do with #LadyGaga or #JustinBeiber, and since that is all people talk about on twitter and the facebook, why should my business be wasting […]

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Dropping Followers Like a Hot Rock

I had a great coaching session yesterday with one of my Real Estate Agency clients.  It was a lot of fun to see all of the agents working through their social profiles, making updates, posting property listings, adding friends and fans, etc.  Things that a month ago they had no clue what they were, […]

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Does Your Content Make a Difference? (Or have boobs?)

I had a great conversation with my awesome friend, Genae Girard founder of about creating video content for your fans and followers, and one key point came out of the discussion.  Create content that connects and makes a difference.If your content is stellar, and has a direct impact on your viewers, they will […]

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The Connected World Killed Common Sense

I read today in a Forbes article (Creepy Start-up Or Sign of the Times by Nathan Vardi – that a Santa Barbara based company, Social Intelligence Corp., is launching a social media screening and monitoring service which acts much like the traditional background check, but is focused on a person’s activities on the […]

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Keep Control of Your Website!

Just a quick note to remind folks that when setting up a website, especially for your business, you need to keep control of your site.I know that to some, setting up a new domain name and website can be a scary thought, and a lot of companies hire outside webmasters to handle all of […]

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Conversing to Convert

A friend and client asked me the other day, “how do I get more sales from people visiting my sites?” My question back was, “are you talking with your visitors or just hoping they will buy?”In this age of social media and social networking, engaging with your customer is the key to driving […]

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Social Network Cleaning — Thinning the Herd

Recently I started going through my social media and social networking accounts and cleaning out friends, fans, followers, and connections. Why? Because it was getting harder and harder for me to filter out all of the noise from the auto posting robots that have made their way on to my friend feeds. […]

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