Added Services: Fractional Marketing

I am excited to announce that Amped Up Digital has added new services: Fractional Marketing and Fractional CMO Services

In business, you may find yourself needing a hand and Fractional Marketing might just be your new best friend.

So what is Fractional Marketing?

For most small to mid-size companies, a full time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or […]

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New Technology Let’s Any Business Use Proximity Marketing to Generate More Wins

We all know that technology is everywhere. It’s in every pocket, purse, and hand that passes us on the street.

As a business owner, what if you could use that technology to reach your customers directly as they drive by your location, walk into your store, or even pick up a specific product? Using those […]

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For Your Business: Media As Marketing

The following is a great article from Contently, written by Joe Lazauskas about using media and storytelling to market your business. The article is based around Marriott Hotels and their creation of an internal media production company to create articles, videos, social media posts, etc. that resonate with their target customers, tell great stories, and […]

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Burning Question?

Hello all!

I know it’s been a while, and I am glad to be back!

I am working on a ton of new stuff and I could use your help. I am asking for sixty seconds of your time to follow the link below and send me your most burning digital strategy question for your business. This will help […]

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Happy 2015!

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Take my money, please?

On a recent business trip, I was struck by how many businesses I came across that limited their customer’s payment options. Signs read “Cash Only!” or lists of certain credit cards and not others.

I watched in amazement as customers were turned away because they didn’t have “the right” credit card, or enough cash to cover the transaction. The […]

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Clarity is on its way! Don’t miss it.

Just a quick reminder that the Gateway to Clarity event is coming up fast!! November 14th and 15th. You do NOT want to miss this. Register here.

Join us for an intimate weekend of Clarity at the beautiful and historic Missouri Athletic Club in downtown St. Louis, MO.  There will be food and wisdom and […]

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Join me for the Gateway to Clarity Event!

As many of you know, I have partnered up with my friend and mentor Kim DeMotte of Corporate CoDriver (, to host the “Gateway To Clarity” event at the Missouri Athletic Club – Downtown St. Louis, on November 14th and 15th. This is an event that you DO NOT want to miss! Click here […]

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The Long Game of Digital Marketing

In my work with companies to help them grow, I run across a lot of business owners that want immediate results from their digital marketing efforts. I totally understand that logic. We have all been taught that ROI is important, and immediate ROI is better.

Here is the problem, in my opinion, with that thought […]

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Three Ways to Connect to YOUR Customers Directly

Last week I sent out an article about giving your small business a competitive advantage by having a mobile app to connect directly with your customers. This week I thought I would give you three ideas on ways to do that inside YOUR company’s app.

1) Create a deal that is only available to app users. This could […]

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