Hey gang, this is just a quick posting inspired by a new client fact finding discussion.

My new client is very interested in ramping up their use of social media tools to drive new patients to their practice. They have gotten a good start by dabbling with a Facebook page as well as an email newsletter and sending birthday emails to existing patients. The problem that they have been having is management of those communications channels, posting in multiple places, etc.

During my meeting I asked their office manager to show me how they are currently posting messages to the social net. So she walked me through their Facebook posting steps, and then took me into their patient management system where they send out emails and newsletters.

After nosing around a bit, we found that something new had been added. Low and behold, their patient management system had been upgraded to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Email Newsletter services, MMS or mobile text messaging, and Youtube. God love “software as a service”! The developers of their patient management system have been thinking ahead and have already given the office the tools necessary to reach current and potential patients through social marketing. Sweet!

What I find very interesting about this system is not that it ties in to Facebook, Twitter, and email newsletters, but the fact that it also includes mobile messaging and Youtube. Youtube will come in very handy for this client as we will be able to post videos from the Docs and testimonials from other patients, etc. Add to that the ability to send messages directly to patients cell phones, be them appointment reminders or service specials based upon their next appointment, is a huge advancement and is well ahead of the curve. (*Note, make sure that you have your client’s permission before contacting them through SMS or MMS on their cell phones. Some users pay for every message they receive, and you don’t want to have your clients paying extra for the messages you are sending them.)

So the point of this posting is to remind everyone out there to check your existing tools for ways to make your social marketing efforts easier. A lot of software or “software as a service” developers have taken notice of the current trends and have started building tools into their applications to make this stuff seamless. You may already have the right hammer for the job, you just may not know it yet.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions. Just click on “post a comment” below and type them in. Also, if you need any help going through your existing social marketing processes and finding ways to streamline things, let me know, I’ll be glad to help.