In my latest posts, I have been walking you through my process for helping clients with their digital/business strategy. The last post focused on your “why”. If you missed it, you can find the article here.

After we get clear on your “why”, I like to talk about your business and your branding. Specifically:

  • What is the main focus of your business? – What you do for your clients, and basically why they pay you to do what you do.
  • What is your current brand? Do you have one? Two?
  • If you have a brand, have you ever had a brand review? (To find out more about brand reviews, check out this article.)
  • Are you locked in to this brand or can it be tweaked/changed/redone if necessary?
  • Is your brand trademarked?

By talking through all of these points, we can make sure that any future work supports the existing brand, or we may uncover that the current branding needs to change or be updated. We may also find that a new product created from our conversation will require a new brand of its own.

I encourage all of my clients to take a look at the focus of their business and their branding at least once a year to see if anything has changed. How about yours? Do you feel that your brand and business focus support one another and work together? If so, fantastic! If not, and you need some help figuring out what doesn’t fit, let me know. I have some great resources in the branding world that I can put you in contact with.

In the next segment we will get into your business goals. Stay tuned!

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