I had a great conversation with my awesome friend, Genae Girard founder of BeyondTheBoobieTrap.com about creating video content for your fans and followers, and one key point came out of the discussion.  Create content that connects and makes a difference.

If your content is stellar, and has a direct impact on your viewers, they will forgive the fact that it may not be the highest quality video, or have the slickest titles, or look like a million dollar film crew shot it for you. They want the knowledge that you are bringing to the table, be it from your own personal experiences, or from the top quality guests that you interview.  Connecting with your fan base at an emotional level is the holy grail for all content producers.

If you know that the content you want to produce has the potential to inform people and potentially make a difference in their lives for the better, you have an obligation to create and release that to the universe.  By doing so, you build a circle of creation.  The more you produce and change lives, the more stories you have to draw from to create content to change lives.  And the more lives that you change and inspire, the more knowledge is transferred that changes lives and inspires people.

I know that this sounds like a bunch of mystic mumbo-jumbo, but I have been witnessing it first hand for the last seven months.  Genae started BeyondTheBoobieTrap.com back in April of 2010.  As of today, November 16, 2010, she has a Facebook following of 17,397 with 50,000+ interactions between her fans per day.  Yes, I said 50,000+ interactions Per Day.  How did she do it?  Content that connects.  Period.

My point is simple, take a look at the knowledge in your business, company, or organization and find the content that you could create that would have a direct impact on your customers, clients, members, fans etc, and start filming.  Don’t wait until you can afford a big film crew, or get a masters degree in video editing.  Grab a Flip Camera, shoot a video and get it on your web site, Facebook page, wherever.  Your audience is waiting to hear more from you.  It’s time to deliver.

To give you a sense of the videos that Genae has been producing for her fans, I have included some of them below.  Also check out BeyondTheBoobieTrap.com and her Facebook page for more videos and information.  Please spread the word about this group to all of the women in your life that you care about.  There is great information here, as well as a great community of support.

As always, if I can be of any assistance in your content creation efforts, feel free to drop me a note.

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