I had a great coaching session yesterday with one of my Real Estate Agency clients.  It was a lot of fun to see all of the agents working through their social profiles, making updates, posting property listings, adding friends and fans, etc.  Things that a month ago they had no clue what they were, let alone how to do them.  All great stuff.

One question came up that seemed to strike a chord with several of them.  “If there is a fan of my page, and they are posting inappropriate things, can and should I drop/block them?”  Since most of the group are newbies to social media, and are still hung up on friend counts, their responses trended toward keeping the fan, but trying to explain to them why their comments were inappropriate.  My response was, “why waste the time trying to “change” one person at the risk of losing ten due to the inappropriate comments and content? Drop them now, and move on.”

Now, I will say that if the “friend” that is making rude comments is a close, real world, personal friend or family member, then it may be a benefit to talk to them and get them to stop their activities on your profile pages.  If that doesn’t do the trick, you might have to block them as well.  In this case, the “fan” causing the disturbance was a random, unknown follower that just showed up and had no personal, or business connections to the page owner.  A troll if you will.  So in this case it was a no-brainer, DROP THEM LIKE A HOT ROCK.

I wrote another article on this very topic back in July.  You can find that article here: “Social Network Cleaning — Thinning the Herd

I would like to know your thoughts on this topic?  How do you handle inappropriate posts from friends and fans on your social profiles?  Do you keep the fan around and delete their posts, or do you ditch both?  Post your thoughts and comments below.

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