By Latreecia Wade, Amped Up Digital Guest Blogger

Meet Marcus Sheridan the owner of a swimming pool company who has a unique sales model that has brought in more sales and put him miles ahead of his competitors. What’s his secret? There is none. He simply became the authority within his industry by using technology to produce the content his prospects wanted leading to more sales.

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan

Here is Marcus in his own words:

“The sales process for inground pool builders requires a huge amount of time, travel, money, and follow ups—something I’m all too familiar with after having done it for so many years until I was able to stop about 10 months ago.

But today, at my swimming pool company, our sales model is literally one of a kind. In short, this is how it works:

  1. Customer calls and asks us to come out to give them a quote.
  2. We respond by explaining our process is different—we educate more than anyone in the world with our website, videos, blog articles, and eBooks—which gives consumers everything they need to know about us, our products, and what pool/options suits them the best.
  3. Once a potential customer educates themselves through our content, they tell us the pool and options they want, at which point we send them via email an actual quote.
  4. If the customer reviews the quote and agrees to its terms, we then go out to their home to confirm there are no hidden costs and write up the contract.

Some of you might be thinking no one would ever agree to buy a 50k swimming pool without ‘meeting’ the contractor first, but the truth is by reading and watching our content, they actually get to ‘know’ us better than they do in a typical sales meeting.”

Potential customers are relying on the Internet and various mobile devices to gather information and make purchases. That’s where the consumers are, now let’s go get them!

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