I hear that statement and question all the time.  Along with: “Why do people care what someone is doing every second of the day?” or “My business has nothing to do with #LadyGaga or #JustinBeiber, and since that is all people talk about on twitter and the facebook, why should my business be wasting time with them?”  If you feel the same way, see if this helps at all:

That video was created originally for a sales conference by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and produced by Khaki Films.

You have to remember that your target market it using social media whether you are or not.

As Larissa Harris of TalentZoo.com says: “Anyone who wants to market their business in this era where social media marketing has overtaken the money spent on traditional media must embrace it.” … “People rely on the information shared on social networks. They search for topics they are interested in on Twitter, and it might be the information about your business. They use their mobile phones to find the nearest pizza restaurant, and what people are saying about it. They find people they identify with on social networks and follow them. Your customers are there. Your colleagues are there, and most importantly, your competition is there.”

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