I am sure many of you have already seen these, but for those of you that haven’t, I’ll give you a quick overview of what has changed.

Status Options and Settings

There are new options under the text box that allow you to “tag” whoever might be with you. At the end of your update it tacks on ” – with Friends Name”. As always, you can still tag people by using the @FriendsName, but this nifty change shows that they are actually with you, not just being tagged by you.

You can also add a location by clicking the places icon. (The little thing that looks like a straight up thought bubble)  If you type in a location a list will pop up.  Then select the restaurant, business, etc you are currently sitting in. 

Lastly, you can select who can see your post either BEFORE you post it or AFTER.  That little arrow to the right of “friends” does the trick.  You can change that to specify which of your “lists” or specific people can see the post.  So if you sent out an update that your mom wouldn’t approve of, you can go back and change the settings so she can’t see it.  But we all know that moms have super radar and know what we are doing before we even do it.  So this may only be effective on your friends and not your parents.

Approve Posts You Are Tagged In

Turn this feature on andyou are setting up an “approval queue” for all posts that your friends tag you in.  If tagged a “Pending Posts” box will appear on the top of your profile.  Then you just click through and approve the ones you like and ditch the rest.

Can Friends Tag You In Photos

Same thought process as above, you get to choose which photos you are tagged in.  Good bye mysterious drunken party pics!

View Your Profile As Others See It

This has been an option for a while, they just made it easier to find.  It’s always a good idea to check this every once in a while, just to make sure that your settings are showing, or hiding, exactly what you want.

As always, I hope you found this helpful.  If you need more information, have comments, or would like some one-on-one training for Facebook or other forms of digital media, give me a shout at Kelly@AmpedUpDigital.com.