By Joanna Alper, Amped Up Digital Guest Blogger

*Note: We used a band as an example for this article, but these tips can be applied to any business. Let us show you how!

Congratulations!  You have just secured a contract with a record label – what an accomplishment!  But if you think promoting yourself ends there, you might be in for a surprise.  Although record companies sign dozens of new artists, they often invest the majority of their time and resources into the one or two most promising acts, leaving very little money for marketing YOUR band.  Now what?  Attracting new listeners and selling your album is supposed to be someone else’s responsibility, right?  Read on to discover four key methods for increasing your audibility.

1.    Take advantage of free advertising.  Create a music video and upload it onto YouTube.  Carly Rae Jepsen and Rebecca Black turned into overnight sensations thanks to the video sharing website, but countless other musicians have gained recognition and followers by simply putting their sound on the web. There are ample opportunities to make your music accessible to everyone – post your latest recordings on your website, send out an eBlast with the latest band news, or participate in forums on online music communities.


2.    Interact with your listeners.  Everyone loves following celebrity gossip – to the average person, a rock star’s life is pretty exciting.  So let the world know what you are doing!  Keep your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr – you name it, someone will follow it!) up to date, relevant, and humorous.  Don’t just let your fans and potential customers READ what you are doing, but actually interact WITH them.  Ask questions, respond to tweets you receive, and make sure to include giveaways, contests, and special offers.  Engaging with your listeners will help them trust you and your brand – they will want to not only buy your music, but also spread the word to their friends.


3.    Be creative!  Try something new and different.  Sell your album exclusively online – you don’t need to pay iTunes to do this for you.  Instead, set up a marketplace on your website where fans can download your music straight to their iPods.  Or offer your concerts streaming live online to reach thousands of listeners who can’t make it to your local shows.  Develop your own ideas to stand out from the crowd.  Do something different that people will associate with your personal brand.


4.    Get Amped Up.  Promoting your sound to the public AND keeping up with band practice, bookings, tours, and recording sessions can become quite overwhelming.  Let us help you with the mundane, administrative tasks so that you can focus on your music.  You need a strong website, social media presence, and engaging content to get ahead in the music industry.  But who has time to do all that?  You have music to make!  Call Amped Up Digital today to get started.