By Brendon Pashia, Amped Up Digital Guest Blogger

The social power of Oprah Winfrey on the television screen has taken a sucker punch to the gut in the recent year with the ending of her talk show and the struggles of her new cable network.  With the recent launch of her Book Club 2.0 going digital with e-books, Oprah can boost her book club impact.

In an ever-changing technological society, Oprah has managed to adapt and mix the digital and people-to-people platforms by making this switch to e-books.  The influence may not be on the talk show scale, but going digital gives her a technological connection in the digital content world alongside her face-to-face and print sway.

Making the transition and going digital with e-books allows for many new avenues of connecting with her audience and book club in a technological age. There are numerous upsides to going digital with books, including text searchability, lower prices, and updated versions of books.  The mere fact that Oprah with her degree of social influence decides to go digital creates huge potential for the content she supports.  It is an upside in itself.

Oprah’s book club still maintains in print as well, but has just added the option of digital e-book format.  What about going straight to e-book in this day-and-age?

Here are 3 reasons you should go straight to e-book:

·      Higher take in sales from purchases for the author

·      Quicker reach to readers

·      Environmental benefits with less paper

The book content world is changing and moving towards heavier digital releasing.  Oprah has gone digital with her book club, and the benefits are growing.

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