Product Description

Amped Up Experience

The Amped Up Experience will provide you with solid strategies that you can implement immediately to help grow your business by 20% or more.

This is my intensive, one-on-one workshop for businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and entertainment professionals that want to get laser focused and crystal clear about their business, marketing strategy, goals, and objectives. It’s for those folks that want to hit the ground running and never look back.

I hold the “Amped Up Experience” workshop in a location close to you, or if you need a break, at a very special location in St. Louis. We will dig deep into your business including goals, products, services, and marketing. We will look at all of your existing content and marketing channels to make sure everything is in sync. Then you and I will lay out a roadmap and implementation plan for future business growth through marketing, digital product development, content creation, social media campaigns, price adjustments, and anything else that surfaced during our work together.

The Amped Up Experience is very exclusive, and only for those professionals that are ready to take their marketing strategy and business to amazing levels. Spaces are limited, so sign up now to get on the calendar.