I had an interesting conversation at a networking event recently with a self proclaimed “Social Media Guru”, it went something like this:

HIM: Hey! I help people with their social media stuff, I can totally set up your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN pages for you.  What do you do?

ME: I own a digital media agency.  We work with our clients to solve their problems using the latest digital media tools.

HIM: Cool, so we do the same thing!  *lowering his voice* Isn’t it awesome that people will pay you a TON of cash to basically do nothing?  Dude, I have NO experience with social media, I just learned a few buzz words and I’m basically learning on my client’s dime.  That is so sweet isn’t it?

ME: Um, no. It’s not.

HIM: Dude, why not?

ME: Because I have to come along behind guys like you and clean up the mess.  See, I have been doing this for going on twenty years now.  I have worked with major entertainers and Fortune 500 companies. Where you and I differ is that what I do is make sure that whatever my clients are doing in the digital space fits their business model, integrates with every aspect of their business, and helps them solve their problems and reach their goals.  MY business is not about TAKING their money, it’s about helping them MAKE money and build their business.

HIM: *blink* *blink*

Needless to say, that was pretty much the end of our conversation, and I probably won’t be getting a Christmas card this year.  I think I hurt his little feelings by calling him out. But it’s guys like this that piss me off.  It’s hard enough running or building a business AND keeping up with the latest technology that can help you grow.  But throw on top of that, people that are just in the game for a quick buck, and basically baffling you with BS to take your money, instead of rolling up their sleeves and helping you build your empire.  Not cool dude!  Not cool at all.

My point here is this, when considering moving your business into the digital media world, be it social media, video content for your web site, or building custom web apps to streamline your business, be wary of the “quick fix” guy.  If all they can talk about is building your Facebook or Twitter page, and have no clue how that will integrate into your business model, or they don’t even understand your business model, RUN AWAY…RUN FAR, FAR, AWAY!

Social and digital media may be “new and shiny”, (Unless you have been in this business for twenty years, geez I’m old.) but the bottom line impact on a business is not.  If you need help, it’s extremely important to find someone that understands business, not just the bright and shiny.

As always, if I can be of service to you or your company in developing or managing your digital strategy, do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below or send them to Kelly@AmpedUpDigital.com.