On a recent business trip, I was struck by how many businesses I came across that limited their customer’s payment options. Signs read “Cash Only!” or lists of certain credit cards and not others.

I watched in amazement as customers were turned away because they didn’t have “the right” credit card, or enough cash to cover the transaction. The reasoning behind it? “Transaction fees are too high.”

As a business owner, I understand that credit card transaction fees can cut into your profit margin. I see it in my own business. But am I wrong to think that losing a $100+ sale completely and possibly a long term customer because of a 2.5%-5% processing fee is, well…crazy?

It made me wonder, “don’t you want to give your customers every option available to pay you for your product or service?” Make it easy for them to give you money? Isn’t that what keeps us in business?

Then I met Bobby from Balloon Masterz Entertainment who confirmed my way of thinking. He was working an event, making balloon sculptures for guests. BTW, this guy really is amazing! You should check out his site and consider booking him for an event or trade show. He travels the country creating these works of art. (BalloonMasterz on Facebook)

Bobby from Balloon Masterz Entertainment

Bobby from Balloon Masterz Entertainment

As he was making a keepsake for my wife, I noticed his button which read “I work for tips”. It struck me that I had very little cash in my pocket and I mentioned that I needed to find an ATM while he was finishing up his craft. He smiled and said, “no need my friend”, as he pointed to the Square attached to an iPhone protruding from his pocket. “With this little baby I can accept tips from anyone, anywhere. I even take deposits for corporate events on the spot, as well as process final payments from my clients. It has transformed my business.”


Another soul that sees the power of making it easy for his customers to spend money with him. And because he made it easy for me to do so, I gladly paid him for his art. Well done sir, well done.

In case you are looking for options for your business or organization to process multiple forms of payment, here are the options I use:

  • Square (www.squareup.com) for mobile payments through my iPad or iPhone. Handles ALL credit and debit cards.
  • Quickbooks Mobile Pay which also allows for payments on my iPhone or iPad, but also integrates into my Quickbooks Online. QB online also allows customers to pay their invoices on line as well.
  • Lastly, I use WooCommerce and Paypal on my website for any products or services sold there.
  • And as always, cash works just fine too.

Take it from my friend Bobby the Balloon Master, making it easy for your customers to give you money can grow your bottom line and transform your business, which puts a big smile on your face. Just like a balloon Elvis…

My lovely wife and Balloon Elvis.

My lovely wife and Balloon Elvis.

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