Our friends over at Pravda Records sent us a great article from The Daily Rind Blog that reminds us not to neglect our websites when focusing on the myriad of other social and digital media channels that we are trying to deliver content to.

Lost Truck

Forgotten Truck by arbyreed | Attribution License

Here are their key points, which can and should apply to any business, not just a band or music artist:

  • While Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all the rest are great for building an audience and delivering your message, don’t forget about “the oldest tool of the Internet: your website.”
  • “Your website is still your biggest first window on the web”
  • “Keep this one thing in mind: don’t think about yourself, think about the user.”
  • “Give ‘em what they’re looking for!”
  • “Your Home Page: You never get a second chance to make a first impression and this is where people will land first and where they should find all the basic and latest info as they start to enter your universe.”
  • Google Analytics: Use them.

The article goes into some very specific things to have on your site and which pages these items should be located on within the site. While this article is specific to music professionals, you can translate these and apply them to your business. Some are pretty obvious like Contact Info, Bios, etc. But here are some other “translation ideas”:

  • Instead of “Tour Dates”, make it “Upcoming Events”. Tell folks what you have going on and how they can be involved.
  • Video: Keep this one and put up some videos of your process, or your people in action. Clients love to get a peak behind the scenes once in a while.
  • Music: Turn this one into “Samples”, “Demos”, “Our Work”, “White Papers”. Use this as a place to show off. You have done the work, now show people how cool you are.

I am sure that you get the picture by now. Check out the original article because there are some other hidden gems that they cover. You can find the original article here: http://www.dailyrindblog.com/good-host-tidy-up-website/

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or need to bounce some ideas around to solve a problem, feel free to email or give a call.