Some of you may remember my article from a ways back about “thinning the social media herd”, well…I am at it again.  I have decided to thin my LinkedIN network down to solid connections with people that I know.

“But Kelly”, you say, “you had over 8000 connections on LinkedIN! Why in the world would you drop those?” One word, quality.

Herd of Sheep
(photo courtesy of The U.S. National Archives)

I will admit that in the beginning, it was pretty cool “collecting” connections and seeing where they all lead.  Cool until my email box started getting stuffed with spam messages and invites to join every LinkedIN group imaginable. Cool until I realized that I was being asked to endorse folks, or make connections between people, that I had never actually met. The cool quickly wore off, and now it is time to use LinkedIN like an adult.

Now, I am not saying that collecting connections is bad.  For your specific business and the way that you use LinkedIN, that may be the perfect way to go.  But for me, I am making the shift to quality over quantity.  In my world the quality of your connections can make or break you.  Plus, I like to associate with people that I “know, like, and trust”.

So, there you have it and there you are.  If, by some user error on my part or a rogue clicking of the wrong check box by my caffeine infused fingers, you notice that we are no longer connected on LinkedIN, please do not take it personally.  Send me another connection request, and I will be happy to accept it.  Oh, and don’t be surprised if I beat you to it.  I have already noticed some connections missing that I really wanted to keep.

I will definitely keep you posted on how my new logic is working out and if there are any repercussions from my actions.  Until then, as always, if I can help you or your business with your digital media and online marketing, feel free to shoot me an email at Also, make sure you check out the Amped Up Digital site for more information on all that we do for our clients.

P.S. For those of you viewing this on the blog site and not via email, how do you like the new format? I moved us over to to take advantage of some of their spiffy features. Watch for future posts to include audio and video, and who knows what all! Send me your feedback please! Thanks.