Last week I sent out an article about giving your small business a competitive advantage by having a mobile app to connect directly with your customers. This week I thought I would give you three ideas on ways to do that inside YOUR company’s app.

1) Create a deal that is only available to app users. This could be a happy hour special for restaurants or a discount for retailers. Make it a “great deal” that is ONLY available to folks that have downloaded your app. This is your chance to make your customers feel special. Especially if they have connected with you and your business enough to download your app. By allowing you into their digital device or “personal space” they WANT to stay connected with you.



2) If you are a real estate agent, consider creating special messages for each of your listings. With our “push” technology, we can deliver custom messages to your app users when they drive by your listings. Imagine having the ability to deliver a video message to clients about the property while they are sitting out front, then completely different messages about the property as they are walking through the open house.

3) For service businesses, consider adding in “educational marketing” pieces within your app. This could be a video on proper maintenance of their a/c unit for a Heating and A/C company, or ways to keep your car running smoothly during the winter months if you own an automotive repair shop. Not only will you be educating your customers, but your messages can also contain links to special deals to help your customers keep their equipment in top shape.

There are a million ways to use mobile apps to stay connected with your customers. I will be sending you more ideas in the coming weeks. In the mean time, I would love the opportunity to sit down with you to learn more about your business and discover ways that I can help you grow and succeed using mobile apps, video, and a solid digital strategy. Give me a call today at 636-253-3722 or email me at