— Guest post by Teri Davis, Lead Project Manager for Amped Up Digital

Coupons, sales, event schedules…sometimes the things that businesses tweet are a little bit dull compared to what we see from our crazy friends and relatives on our social media feeds.  Unfortunately, that makes it all too easy to just skim right past that special offer from our favorite boutique, bar, agency, or restaurant.  So how do you get your signal to stand out?

The virtual world lacks many of the sensory pleasures we experience in real life.  Many of the reasons we, as consumers, bond with a particular business have very little to do with this week’s sale items or entertainment schedules.  Most of us connect on a more esoteric level; emotions, sensations, atmosphere…the way things feel, smell, taste.

So how do you reach your consumer on that tactile experience level?  Tweet sensations.

I follow a local restaurant online.  It’s my favorite place to take out-of-town guests when they visit.  There are a lot of reasons I like to go there; they have a warm and relaxing décor, the lighting is dim and soothing, they have a full-service bar, the staff is very friendly.  But the number one reason why I go there is, of course, the Jack Daniels marinated sirloin…yes, well all of the food really, but my knees go weak for that steak.  Recently they started tweeting messages that had me salivating and itching to jump in the car.

“Fresh parmesan garlic bread just went in the oven.  Smells like heaven in here.”

Just those few words and my brain filled in the rest.  I could feel the restaurant’s atmosphere, and I could smell that bread!  

garlic bread by penguincakes (http://www.flickr.com/photos/penguincakes/2528148462/)I was somewhat surprised by my reaction.  I’m normal…I surf right past “advertising” in most cases, but this was something different.  This was a message that went beyond daily deals or what band is playing this weekend, and yet it hit right at the core of my gray matter.  Why?  Because it communicated simply and struck right at why that place is my favorite restaurant…the sensations I experience when I go there.  I didn’t need to actually smell the garlic bread, just thinking about smelling it triggered my memories; a subtle gut-level connection with just a few simple words.

So what are the tactile sensations that your customers experience with your business?  Is the smell of baking bread?  The feel of soft sheets?  The joy of losing yourself wandering through mountains of merchandise?  The security of knowing your firm has their back? 

How do you do this?  As you make your way through your busy day, take note of the reasons your customers love your business and then craft a simple message that communicates that sensation, the emotional content and tweet that in a way that makes their brain do the rest of the work.  It’s okay to be a little vague, a little cheeky, and a little flirtatious.  In fact, that often helps!  Woo them with mystery that tickles the senses…because, man, I really love garlic bread!  So, pardon me for running out on this blog article, I have to retweet this message and see if any of my friends want to go out for dinner. 

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