What do all great social media campaigns have in common? Compelling, personal, and interesting content.

1910 TypistYour customers are looking for more than just the best deal these days.  Consumers are looking for organizations that care about their needs.  Not just another faceless corporate entity to take their hard earned money.  So how do you show the love?  By providing quality and compelling content to help your fans make informed choices.

Every industry, from automotive to zoo keeping, has content that their fans will enjoy and benefit from.  The trick is to put it into an engaging and exciting format at resonates with your followers.

Examples; if you are a financial adviser, create a blog or email newsletter that provides tips on saving money for growing families.  If you run a dental office, create short videos about the procedures that you do and how they ultimately benefit the patient.  Run an automotive repair shop, show your customers what is involved in a basic break job.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box a little either.  Feel free to add your own personality and interests to your content as well.  If you are creating that financial tips newsletter, throw in some personal stories or talk about how saving money has allowed you to pursue your love of alpaca husbandry. You never know what kind of new conversations with your customers those tidbits of information will start.

Believe it or not, no matter what business you are in, your die hard fans want more of you.  They want you to share, to open up, to prove that you care.  Do this, and they will return the love by sharing you with their network of friends and family, thereby helping your business to grow.

If Amped Up Digital can be of assistance in any way to your business or group, drop me a note at kelly@ampedupdigital.com and we will set up a free digital audit to discuss your goals and how we can help. Or, as always, you can send me any thoughts or comments as well. I love to hear your feedback.