Welcome back to my series on video marketing. This week’s question pops up all of the time: “How does marketing/ranking a video on Google differ from YouTube?”

A lot of folks think that video marketing on Google is similar to YouTube since Google owns YouTube. However the techniques of ranking/marketing videos on these two platforms are a little different.

YouTube vs Google

People looking for solutions to issues on YouTube expect to get a list of video responses to their question. After all, that is all YouTube does.

When using Google, people expect to find a listing of links to articles, websites, or videos, all of which may answer their question.


So How Do You Help Get Your Videos Ranked On the First Pages of YouTube or Google?

I’m glad you asked! Your meta-data is the key to getting higher rankings on both. You can use “informational keywords” or “commercial keywords” or a combination of both.

Both Youtube’s and Google’s algorithms favor “informational keywords” to rank online videos. Informational keywords begin with phrases like: “What is” or “Why does” or “How to”.

Secondly, Google’s algorithm will tend to place informational keyword phrases on top of their first page because videos describing “how to” do something are mostly searched by viewers who are looking for quick and free solutions to their problems.

Now if you look at “commercial intent keywords”, which are keywords using brand names or calls to action, you will find a much different scenario. It is much harder to get a YouTube video ranked on top if Google knows it can charge video producers to be on the first page. (Unless of course you want to pay for placement. Which is always on option on Google.)

Choose your title and description carefully. If you have a very competitive “key phrase”, meaning there are a lot of other videos using similar words in their title or description, it’s going to take a lot more effort and promotion on your part to get viewers watching your masterpiece.

I always recommend that you spend some time searching both Google and YouTube for videos using similar titles or keywords to your own. That way you can get an idea of the competition you will be facing and how much extra promotion you should do.

Once you have your perfect title and keywords, your video uploaded to YouTube and embedded on your website, make sure you promote it through ALL of your social networking channels. Also, ask your friends and clients to link from their websites to your video if it’s appropriate for their audiences. This will give your video the “social proof” that both Google and YouTube also look for when ranking.

Video marketing can, and should be, fun. As I have said a million times before, there are a myriad of ways that you can use video to tell your business’ story, and there are a TON of tweaks you can make to your videos to help get your message out to the most viewers. I’d love to help, so feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and how we can get your business Amped Up using video.

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