I’ve had several clients ask me to explain “video marketing” and how it works. So I’ve put together a series of articles to hopefully clarify things. I will keep them short and simple so don’t worry, I won’t get “techy” on you.

When someone mentions video marketing? You probably think of two things: marketing with video or marketing a video.

Marketing with Video is frequently used by marketers as a sales promotion tool. Video is included inside an email marketing campaign,  in the form of a webinar series, or on your website for generating leads.

One example, you can use video to explain to customers the specific elements of your product or service when they visit your web site.

Marketing a Video has a main objective of building brand awareness. The idea is  to always deliver useful content in such a way that people will want/need to share the information through their social media platforms.

One idea is a “how-to” video. As an example, an HVAC company could do a series of videos on basic maintenance like “how-to” change a furnace filter, or properly clean your vents.

There are a myriad of ways that you can use video to tell your business’ story. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your business and how we can get people Amped Up using video.

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