Any business coach will tell you that in order for your business to succeed, your “why” must be strong enough to get you out of bed on the bad days. That holds true for every aspect of your business, including your digital strategy.

In case you are not familiar with the concept of “your why”, the simple definition is “that thing that drives you to get out of bed every morning and do what you do.” Is it the need to provide a great lifestyle for your family? Or the desire to have a beach house where you can enjoy time with your spouse? It could even be as simple as the joy of knowing that you are living your dream of being an entrepreneur. The “why” is totally up to you. But it needs to be strong enough to keep you going through the tough times, and trust me, there will be tough times.

When I work with my clients on their business and digital strategy, I always start with their “why”. I have them tell me about their “why” in the greatest detail that they can. I want to visualize it the same way that they do. By doing that, I can better serve them in reaching their business goals using digital media. Knowing the “why” also gives us the end goal to reach, and serves as a guidepost to make sure we are on course every step of the way.

So how does your “why” apply to digital strategy? With a clearly defined and visualized “why”, your message becomes more authentic. By knowing your “why” and using it as an end goal, you can use it to measure your progress and impact of your digital media campaigns. Is your message congruent with your beliefs? Is it authentic? Are you moving closer to your “why” with everything you do?

Lastly, do your friends, family, and clients know your “why”? Do you live it? Does it show through in everything that you do? Everyone you work with wants to see you succeed. (If they don’t, you shouldn’t be working with them.) The more they understand your “why”, the better they can help you along your journey, and the better you can serve them as your clients.

Think about these questions and how they apply to your business:

  1. What is YOUR “why”? What drives you to get out of bed every morning and serve your clients?
  2. Is your “why” strong enough to keep you going through the tough times?
  3. Does your “why” feel authentic, or are you living someone else’s “why”? (If the latter, I would recommend taking some time to find your own “why”.)

Feel free to email me at and share your “why”. I always love to hear other people’s stories.

If you would like to explore all of the ways that you can grow your business by implementing a digital strategy, I have a limited number of open spots left between now and the end of the year, so send me an email and let’s set up a time to chat and see if my one day strategy session is a good fit and get you rocking.

Over the coming weeks, I will be digging deeper into how I work with clients to fine tune their digital strategy and grow their businesses. So if you have any questions or topics you want me to cover, feel free to send them my way!