I’ve always loved that line from Young Guns. It’s attributed to Billy the Kid, but Emilio Estevez delivers the line in the film and he does it with such bravado that we know his target doesn’t stand a chance. They are about to be another “famous” victim of William H. Bonney.

Billy the Kid“What does this have to do with me, my business, or digital media?”, you ask. Well, from the shooting and killing side of things…nothing.  But from the “I’ll make you famous” side…a great deal.

You see, I believe that every person, business, civic organization, what-have-you has a story to tell or a message to get out to the world. That message can be delivered in an ebook, smart phone app, music, movie, tv show, webinar, website, membership site, newsletter, game, facebook page, twitter feed, mobile marketing campaign, digital signage, virtual concert…the list goes on and on. The real “trick” to becoming “famous” using these tools is to know how to tie them all together to reach the widest audience. This is where Amped Up Digital comes in.

We work with our clients to help tell their story, and package it in a way that will reach the most people that it might resonate with. That “story” may be a specific product or service that they offer, or it could be an actual story to raise awareness of an idea or issue. Regardless of the content, we help our clients become “famous” to their target audience.

Now fame is a relative term, so let’s put this to rest right now. When we talk about “fame” in our offices, it can mean that five people know of our client and their story, or five million know them by first name. We judge fame and success by how well we hit our client’s goals, and how their target audience receives them and ultimately buys or supports their product or message. Not just by the fact that fifty thousand people follow a Twitter account or Facebook page. That’s great, but none of them may have bought a single copy of a song, or ebook, or hired you to do a job.  So do they really know you or care?

We work hard to make sure that we utilize all of the tools at our disposal to deliver a consistent message across multiple channels, so that our clients get the most exposure and the highest return on their investment.

As an example, check out our dear friends over at “Beyond the Boobie Trap”. Genae Girard wanted to help women diagnosed with breast cancer recover by telling her story of survival and hope. So we partnered up to launch a Facebook page for the group in April of 2010.

Beyond the Boobie Trap

By tying her self published book “Off the Rack”, an ebook of the same title, a Twitter feed, a Youtube channel full of interviews, and her web site back to her Facebook page, Genae has grown her fan base to over 22,000 women and 1.5 million interactions per month. Creating a culture of healing and support, as well as a cottage industry for her books, coaching, webinars, and speaking engagements.

Give us a chance to help get your message heard loud and clear. Drop me a note at kelly@ampedupdigital.com and we will set up a free digital audit to discuss your goals and how we can help. Or, as always, you can send me any thoughts or comments as well. I love to hear your feedback.